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Utility Channel Strut Fittings

Indmark is Utility Channels Strut Fittings Manufacturer in Pune. An Integrated Support System Comprising of a Channel, A Spring-Loaded Nut, A Few Brackets, And Fittings, With Help Of Which You Can Quickly Decide and Adjacent to Create and Construct or Arrange According to a Plan; Give a Pattern or Organization to Put it Together Without Welding and Drilling.
The Structure or Support Will Feel at Home in Any Area, Installation Site or Field With Complete Freedom to Adjust or Readjust and to Mount or De-Mount as Need Keeps Arising. We Supply Best Quality
Utility Channel - Strut Fittings in Various Types Like
• Plate Fittings
• Frame Fittings
• Lattice Fittings
• 'Z' Fittings
• 'U' Fittings
• Post Support Fittings
• Pipe Or Conduit Clamps, Inserts, Rollers
• Spring Nuts
• Hardware & Accessories
• Beam Clamps