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Perforated Type Cable Trays

We are Perforated Type Cable Trays Manufacturer and Supplier in Pune. Indmark Company Is Prime Quality Supplier Perforated Type Cable Trays that Gives Strong Help for Substantial Link Establishment. These Plates Are Very Strong Produced using Bona Fide Mild Steel Is 1079, Pre - Excited Sheet, Stainless Steel and Aluminum that Shields From Consumption and Give Quality. It Is Utilized In Relatively Every Industry For Power Circulation And Correspondence.
These Are Suited In The Spots Where Odds Of Progress In Wiring Framework Are Most Plausible, As These Can Be Effectively Unfitted.
Indmark Cable Trays Products Are Completely Inspected And Tried Under Extreme Conditions For A Stronger Life. In Strength, Indmark Products are Light Duty, Medium Duty & Heavy Duty. These Perforated Type Cable Trays Are Available In Width Ranging From 50 Mm To 1200 Mm And Height Ranging From 25 Mm To 100 Mm. Available In Standards Length Of 2500 Mm / 3000 Mm & 2444 Mm (For Aluminum).
These Perforated Type Cable Trays are Available in Various Types Like:
  • Perforated Straight Channel
  • Perforated Inward Bend Straight
  • Perforated Inward Bend Inclined
  • Perforated Inward Bend with Reinforcement Inclined
  • Perforated Outward Bend