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Ladder Type Cable Trays

Indmark is a Cable Tray Manufacturer and Supplier in Pune. We are Leading Company Involved in Offering an Extensive Range of Cable Trays. These Arrays are widely demanded in Various Industries Sector and Can Be Customized as Per Customer Specifications. Our Products are Market proven and Cost-Effective.
We Provide Quality for Our Clients, These Ladder Type Cable Trays are Available in Various Types Like
  •   Ladder Straight Run
  •   Ladder Inward Bend
  •   Ladder Outward Bend
  •   Ladder Bolted Type.
Which Are a High Graded Product as Per the Specification Cable Tray are the Perfect Solution for Running Large Quantities of Power or Data Cables Overhead and Under-Floor. These Ladders are Available In Width Ranging From 100mm to 1200 Mm and Height Ranging from 50 Mm To 150 Mm. Available In Standards Length Of 2500 Mm / 3000 Mm & 2444 Mm (For Aluminum). Strength Type Available In Light Duty, Medium Duty & Heavy Duty. We also Provide Hot Dip Galvanization Service.